Poesia Poetry Journal is a bilingual poetry journal created by Vera Linder and Samantha Emily Evans. The mission of the journal is to make poetry dangerous and alive, once again.

Poesia Poetry Journal è una rivista poetica bilingue creata da Vera Linder e Samantha Emily Evans. Lo scopo della rivista è di rendere la poesia viva e pericolosa, di nuovo.


“The fellow is either mad or he is composing verses.” Don’t go mad: send us your poems, your verses to bring back a healthy madness in this world. They can be written in Italian or English. You can send poems already translated in both languages, otherwise we will translate them to the missing language.

“L’uomo o impazzisce o scrive versi.” Non impazzite: mandateci le vostre poesie, i vostri versi per riportare della sana follia nel mondo. Possono essere scritte in italiano o in inglese. Potete inviarci le poesie già tradotta in entrambe le lingue, altrimenti le tradurremo noi nella lingua mancante.

Response Time

We will respond within three weeks. We are happy to provide feedback on the poem.

Simultaneous Submissions

We do not accept simultaneous submissions.


Unfortunately, at the present time, we do not offer compensation to writers.


We will acquire First Time Electronic Publishing Rights. You will maintain all other rights after we publish your writing. We also retain the right to publish your writing indefinitely in the future in anthologies or in any other medium. All writing will remain on our archive. Please contact us if you would like your work removed at any point.