Happy Place (Losing My Best Friend)

I peered through the window

And watched her below

She sat on the floor of the shower

Not aware of the hour

On this night

She was drained of light

I always thought she was brighter than any sun

But she was shot by her own gun

By her own love

Which was suffocating her like a black glove

The shower is her happy place

But tonight she feels a waste of space

She pulls her legs closer and I see her face twist

Into something very far from bliss

I try to figure out which drops of water are salty ones

I knew they were bound to come

I thought about every kiss we shared in that room

And was confused at how quickly things turned to gloom

I started to back away

Knowing that this was our last day

I whispered that I loved her

She looked up as if she heard.


Poem by Korney Jennings

Read in Italian:

Un posto felice (perdendo la mia migliore amica)