Provincial Love 1 

Like falling while seated:

hoping in unfair rails

or else not taking me

to you. Due either to contrition

or to stability.

But do you see the connection?

You know, sometimes

I saw you between limestone

and sprinkles

already talking about you.

Causation does not say


but calls for soft

bonds, and

the settling of the smile into the conversation,

the pain of a prolonged wait

and the apologizing for hours, maybe one day

and lying down among dark cacao

along the table,

love as a bulleted list

of actions,

or ticks,

shopping list,

convoys even of paper

on a floor of intentions.

And let the calling of you be

just a confirmation, and not

cushion of other hours

out of our possession.


Poem by Adriano Cataldo

Read in Italian:

Amore Provinciale 1