Black Eyes. By A. H. Laidlaw

 The Blue Eye will do if the courting is through
    And the way of the marriage is sunny,
    And it helps in the fun till the sweet life is done
    If the girl brings a mint of good money.
    But when aft or before the good parson’s front door,
    With calm or a storm on the track;
    For Love red, red hot, with the ducats or not,
    There is never an eye like the Black.

    The Hazel is true to you all the way through,
    And it burns with a light warm and steady;
    Only if it is Fred that she has in her head,
    It is burning for no one but Freddie.
    But the Black Eye will veer and stake kingdoms to spear
    Whatever it likes on the track,
    And as a love-lance to its lord in the dance
    There is never an eye like the Black.

    Here then is good health and without or with wealth
    To the deep raven eye of my charmer!
    It’s a heavenly spell when it loves very well,
    Only when it does not it is warmer.
    And it’s little I care, only so I get there,
    Whichever I find on the track,
    For Heaven or Hell in its magical spell
    There is never an eye like the Black.