Death Song Of The Enfants Perdus. By A. H. Laidlaw

 ‘Tis here we invade the valley,
    Away from the realms of breath,
    And, in most successful sally,
    We enter the gates of death;
    So, stand in the last line steady,
    ‘Tis here our true glory lies;
    Hurrah for the dead already!
    Three cheers for the next who dies!

    Though here, the wet eyes of woman
    Will fill with the falling tear,
    Yet, facing old Death, our foeman,
    We shout our reviving cheer.
    Though high beat the hearts we cherish,
    The dead we most highly prize:
    Hurrah for the first to perish!
    Three cheers for the next who dies!

    The earth we now leave behind us,
    The heavens now beckon before,
    Though dust of the dead may blind us,
    We march for the shining shore;
    No more can our Hope deceive us,
    Our heart to it now replies,
    Hurrah for the first to leave us!
    Three cheers for the next who dies!