Gif A Lassie Spurn A Laddie. By A. H. Laidlaw

    Gif a lassie spurn a laddie
    Wi’ her needless Nays,
    Thraves will pet the hapless plaidie
    Wi’ their loving ways;
    So if Kirsty blaw him cauldly
    As a winter day,
    Bess and Belle will bless him bauldly
    Wi’ the breath of May.

    Prudery still affects the valley,
    Shady and alane,
    Meeting souls that loveward sally,
    Icy as a stane.
    On the mountain true Love singeth,
    Liberty is there;
    Dalliance wingeth, Pleasure springeth,
    From her waving hair.

    On the peaks abide the pleasures,
    Young and sweet and free,
    Yoked with Youth’s immortal treasures,
    Love and Liberty;
    So, the hilltops seek while soaring,
    Eaglet of Love’s sky;
    Light adorned and Light adoring,
    Bask, and burn and die.