Weep Not For Him. By A. H. Laidlaw

    Weep not for him who, in the battle dying,
    Lives in the lays of those he sought to save;
    Weep not for him who on the cold turf lying,
    Finds in his native land a patriot’s grave;
    Weep not for him for whom the night wind, sighing,
    Spreads o’er his bier the banner of the brave;
    But, o’er the ashes of the dead hussar,
    Shout to the thunder and the trump of war.

    Go weep for her who, by her Love’s side sighing,
    Gives to the grave the form she loved so well;
    And weep for her who meets no soft replying
    To the sweet story she would die to tell;
    Aye, weep for her whose Love, to Lethe flying,
    Left on her lip no mark of his farewell;
    Oh, weep for her whose star of life is dim;
    Weep, weep for her; but weep no more for him.