A Child’s Wish By Abram Joseph Ryan

Before an Altar

    I wish I were the little key
     That locks Love’s Captive in,
    And lets Him out to go and free
     A sinful heart from sin.

    I wish I were the little bell
     That tinkles for the Host,
    When God comes down each day to dwell
     With hearts He loves the most.

    I wish I were the chalice fair,
     That holds the Blood of Love,
    When every flash lights holy prayer
     Upon its way above.

    I wish I were the little flower
     So near the Host’s sweet face,
    Or like the light that half an hour
     Burns on the shrine of grace.

    I wish I were the altar where,
     As on His mother’s breast,
    Christ nestles, like a child, fore’er
     In Eucharistic rest.

    But, oh! my God, I wish the most
     That my poor heart may be
    A home all holy for each Host
     That comes in love to me.