A Flower’s Song By Abram Joseph Ryan

    Star! Star, why dost thou shine
     Each night upon my brow?
    Why dost thou make me dream the dreams
     That I am dreaming now?

    Star! Star, thy home is high —
     I am of humble birth;
    Thy feet walk shining o’er the sky,
     Mine, only on the earth.

    Star! Star, why make me dream?
     My dreams are all untrue;
    And why is sorrow dark for me
     And heaven bright for you?

    Star! Star, oh, hide thy ray,
     And take it off my face;
    Within my lowly home I stay,
     Thou, in thy lofty place.

    Star! Star, and still I dream,
     Along thy light afar
    I seem to soar until I seem
     To be, like you, a star.