A Reverie [`”O Songs!” I said:’] By Abram Joseph Ryan

    “O Songs!” I said:
    “Stop sounding in my soul
    Just for a little while and let me sleep,
    Resting my head on the breast
    Of Silence;” but the rhythmic roll
    Of a thousand songs swept on and on,
     And a far Voice said:
     “When thou art dead
    Thy restless heart shall rest.”

    And the songs will never let me sleep.
    I plead with them; but o’er the deep
    They still will roll
     On, and on, and on,
     Their music never gone.
    Ah! world-tired soul!
     Just for a little while,
    Just like a poor, tired child
     Beneath its Mother’s smile —
    Only to fall asleep!
    Silence! be mother to me!
     But — No! No! No!
     The waves will ebb and flow.
    I wonder is it best
    To never, never rest
     Down on the shores of this strange Below?