At Night By Abram Joseph Ryan

       Dreary! weary!
        Weary! dreary!
    Sighs my soul this lonely night.
        Farewell gladness!
        Welcome sadness!
    Vanished are my visions bright.

        Stars are shining!
        Winds are pining!
    In the sky and o’er the sea;
        Shine forever
        Stars! but never
    Can the starlight gladden me.

        Stars! you nightly
        Sparkle brightly,
    Scattered o’er your azure dome;
        While earth’s turning,
        There you’re burning,
    Beacons of a better home.

        Stars! you brighten
        And you lighten
    Many a heart-grief here below;
        But your gleaming
        And your beaming
    Cannot chase away my woe.

        Stars! you’re shining,
        I am pining —
    I am dark, but you are bright;
        Hanging o’er me
        And before me
    Is a night you cannot light.

        Night of sorrow,
        Whose to-morrow
    I may never, never see,
        Till upon me
        And around me
    Dawns a bright eternity.

        Winds! you’re sighing,
        And you’re crying,
    Like a mourner o’er a tomb;
        Whither go ye,
        Whither blow ye,
    Wailing through the midnight gloom?

        Chanting lowly,
        Softly, lowly,
    Like the voice of one in woe;
        Winds so lonely,
        Why thus moan ye?
    Say, what makes you sorrow so?

        Are you grieving
        For your leaving
    Scenes where all is fair and gay?
        For the flowers
        In their bowers,
    You have met with on your way?

        For fond faces,
        For dear places,
    That you’ve seen as on you swept?
        Are you sighing,
        Are you crying,
    O’er the memories they have left?

        Earth is sleeping
        While you’re sweeping
    Through night’s solemn silence by;
        On forever,
        Pausing never —
    How I love to hear you sigh!

        Men are dreaming,
        Stars are gleaming
    In the far-off heaven’s blue;
        Bosom aching,
        Musing, waking,
    Midnight winds, I sigh with you!