Dreamland By Abram Joseph Ryan

     Over the silent sea of sleep,
        Far away! far away!
     Over a strange and starlit deep
        Where the beautiful shadows sway;
        Dim in the dark,
        Glideth a bark,
    Where never the waves of a tempest roll —
    Bearing the very “soul of a soul”,
        Alone, all alone —
     Far away — far away
        To shores all unknown
     In the wakings of the day;
    To the lovely land of dreams,
    Where what is meets with what seems
    Brightly dim, dimly bright;
    Where the suns meet stars at night,
    Where the darkness meets the light
        Heart to heart, face to face,
        In an infinite embrace.

         *    *    *    *    *

        Mornings break,
        And we wake,
     And we wonder where we went
        In the bark
        Thro’ the dark,
     But our wonder is misspent;
    For no day can cast a light
    On the dreamings of the night.