I Often Wonder Why ‘Tis So By Abram Joseph Ryan

    Some find work where some find rest,
     And so the weary world goes on:
    I sometimes wonder which is best;
     The answer comes when life is gone.

    Some eyes sleep when some eyes wake,
     And so the dreary night-hours go;
    Some hearts beat where some hearts break;
     I often wonder why ’tis so.

    Some wills faint where some wills fight,
     Some love the tent, and some the field;
    I often wonder who are right —
     The ones who strive, or those who yield?

    Some hands fold where other hands
     Are lifted bravely in the strife;
    And so thro’ ages and thro’ lands
     Move on the two extremes of life.

    Some feet halt where some feet tread,
     In tireless march, a thorny way;
    Some struggle on where some have fled;
     Some seek when others shun the fray.

    Some swords rust where others clash,
     Some fall back where some move on;
    Some flags furl where others flash
     Until the battle has been won.

    Some sleep on while others keep
     The vigils of the true and brave:
    They will not rest till roses creep
     Around their name above a grave.