In Memoriam By Abram Joseph Ryan

    Go! heart of mine! the way is long —
     The night is dark — the place is far;
    Go! kneel and pray, or chant a song,
     Beside two graves where Mary’s star
     Shines o’er two children’s hearts at rest,
     With Mary’s medals on their breast.

    Go! heart! those children loved you so,
     Their little lips prayed oft for you!
    But ah! those necks are lying low
     Round which you twined the badge of blue.
     Go to their graves, this Virgin’s feast,
     With poet’s song and prayer of priest.

    Go! like a pilgrim to a shrine,
     For that is holy ground where sleep
    Children of Mary and of thine;
     Go! kneel, and pray and sing and weep;
     Last summer how their faces smiled
     When each was blessed as Mary’s child.

         *    *    *    *    *

    My heart is gone! I cannot sing!
     Beside those children’s grave, song dies;
    Hush! Poet! — Priest! Prayer hath a wing
     To pass the stars and reach the skies;
     Sweet children! from the land of light
     Look down and bless my heart to-night.